September 15 2015

Bonjour my little rocks on the floor!

I always start off the year in Gr. 1 with tons of movement. I place a huge focus on learning how to start and stop together, such an essential part of making music as a class. We move all sorts of ways, all over the open space as I play drum beats. When the drum stops, the kids in Mme Ritchie’s and Mme Frie’s classes made rocks.
tocashaker-500x500We also worked very hard singing the song, “Bonjour.” Every child had the chance to play one of my favourite instruments, the Toca Seed Shaker. It gave us lots of time to practice our singing which we recorded for you below. The first recording is by Mme Ritchie’s class and the second by Mme Frie’s class. Happy listening!

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September 11 2015

Loud and fast?

Gr. 5 music today with Mme McKenzie’s class was loud, fast and fun! It was also full of fantastic discussion around choosing the best instruments to match leg patsching, clapping and snapping. This class decided on boom whackers, buckets drums and maracas.



We discovered all sorts of things like if you move the maracas during a rest, then it really isn’t a rest any longer! We experimented with playing our song loud and fast and learned pretty quickly that it was not very musical. In the end, we decided that loud to soft and then soft to loud would be the best way to perform our song. Enjoy!

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September 11 2015

Creating with dynamics

Mme Armstrong’s Gr. 5 class came to the music room for the first time yesterday, bringing with them tons of energy and excitement about making music together. We started with a simple body percussion pattern and played around with different dynamic levels. Later we transferred the pattern to percussion instruments. The students chose to use drums, sticks and metal instruments to represent patsching on legs, clapping hands and snapping fingers. I loved the discussion about why each instrument was chosen!IMG_4039

IMG_4038 (1) IMG_4041

First, we made this recording:

After listening to it, we made a few changes, remembering all we had done with dynamics at the beginning of the lesson. The finished product is pretty cool, we think!

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September 9 2015

Bonjour! Bonjour!

And just like that, another school year is rolling! The new Gr. 1 students were among the first to hang out in the music room today. The moved all around the room to drum beats. Some made rock statues when the drum stopped. Others found creative ways to move around.  It was loads of fun. They sang their hearts out on this simple song, “Bonjour! Bonjour!” We added one of my very favourite instruments – the Toca Seed Shaker. Everyone had a chance to play for the class. The first recording below is from Mme Barker’s class and the second, from M Kitcher’s class. I can’t wait to see how they progress throughout the year.

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June 25 2014

Wrapping up!

The last few days of school are flying by and we find ourselves surrounded by boxes and bare walls. But we are still hard at work! Do check your child’s blog for their final writing assignment about a little dog named Copain.

Here are a few shots of what we’ve been up to lately: Splash pad and 4Cats, Popsicle science, giant maps, mapping our school’s community, and our hopscotch tournament currently underway.

















June 10 2014

Melting Popsicles!

Today we were investigating different sources of heat energy and their effect on Popsicles. First, we made predictions about what we felt would melt the Popsicles the fastest: a fire, the sun, a blow dryer or our mouths!

We made a pictograph of our predictions. As you can see, fire won!

Then we started testing. First we put a Popsicle just outside our window in the sun. We chose to record our observations at 3 minutes and 10 minutes. We noticed very little change.

Next we tried the hair dryer. It’s effects were noticed immediately.

Next came the fire. Boy, was that exciting! (Not to worry – we used a fondue pot!).

We recorded all our observations on a large piece of paper we had folded into 8 sections. Unfortunately, time ran out and we couldn’t complete our experiments. Now there is something tasty to look forward to tomorrow!



June 6 2014

Boston Pizza!

How much did we love our trip yesterday to Boston Pizza? Tons and tons!

We walked over first thing in the morning and took a tour of the kitchen.


The manager, Gord, showed us all the things that go on in a restaurant kitchen. We got to see how the dishwasher works, the cooks portioning out the pizza dough and the special pizza ovens.

We even went in the huge fridge!

We made our own pizzas, had chocolate milk or juice and enjoyed the time immensely!




June 4 2014

Surprise picnic!

“It was all a trick!” exclaimed the kids as they led me to my surprise picnic they had planned with their health teacher, Mrs. Gammage. I had been told they were going to take a test but then they came back beyond excited with food! I was treated to a lovely afternoon snack under the trees in our school yard complete with (almost entirely!) healthy options: watermelon, strawberries, crackers and cheese, chips and salsa and a little bit of ice cream. Miam! Miam!






June 3 2014

What did we do today?

If you have lamented the lack of blog posts here, I assure you there are about a million blog posts on the student blogs. We have been very busy posting about that tricky cat, Chabichou, ice cream and structures we built on trip to the Art gallery. Do check them out. The students have worked so hard.

So what did we do all day today? Here’s a peak into our classroom and our learning.

We started the day with playing memory with sight word flashcards.




We read a book about our favourite cat, Chabichou and learned he is now stuck in a block of ice. We brainstormed all sorts of ways to set him free and categorized them according to the type of energy each idea would use.





We did a bunch of math on Dreambox and made symmetrical pictures using pattern blocks. And at the end of the day, we worked on our plant science experiments.


We know that plants need water, sun and soil but we wondered what we could change about that formula. We are eager to see the results of our experiments which include feeding the plant apple juice, feeding it yeast mixed with water, putting it up high and putting it behind construction paper. We’ll see!




May 26 2014

Ice cream!!!

Today was possibly the best field trip ever: a trip to Marble Slab! Before we went we learned this quick song about ice cream, threw in some instruments and made a quick video. We’re sorry it cut out on the last word!

The owner, Phil, took us on a tour (even behind the counter!) and explained how the ice cream is made, stored and organized so that they neither run out nor have to scoop extremely hard ice cream. They have a whole plan in place to make sure everything is just perfect for the customers.

We all had a chance to choose an ice cream with three toppings!


Look for a blog post soon on each child’s blog about their experience today. Some have already finished.