January 9 2013

Let me “Explain Everything.”

Yesterday we finished up our data management unit with a very fun activity as suggested to me by the wonderful Mme. Barker. It is wonderful to work in such a great team – each of the Gr. 1 teachers regularly share resources and ideas. I love it!

So here’s what we did: The children had to come up with a question to ask of their friends that required a “yes” or “no” answer.

Then we set up polling stations around the room. All the children had a chance to respond to everyone’s questions. They took this very seriously and did a great job, for the most part, tally responses. We did run into one glitch: sometimes students, in their eagerness, were too quick to give answers before running off to the next polling station. This resulted in some missed marks on the tally charts. Now we know. Slow and steady. Make sure everyone hears your answer.


















Each partner group then tallied their responses and represented the responses with cubes. To present their findings, we use a new program for us on the iPad: Explain Everything.¬†We started using it in the morning for something we’re doing in French (stay tuned) and it was the perfect tool for this afternoon’s work as well. Here is the class’ finished product!

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